About GaviMath :

Samstan Shri Gavimath is situated on a rocky hill to the East of Koppal. Shri Gavimath has glorious history of more than a thousand years and has been upholding the values that are of eternal bliss to the humanity.

The galaxy of peethadhipati’s has raised the spiritual status of Gavimath by dedication to the noble service of the mankind. Their unique contribution in the form of trividha Dasoha (Food, Education and Spiritual knowledge) has won the hearts of all the disciples.

The doors of Shri Gavimath are opened to all classes of people. The beneficiaries belong to all sections of the society and religion. The selfless dedication of the present preethadhipathi.

His Holiness Sri Jagadguru Gavisiddheshwar Swamiji and his associates are worthy and respected by one and all.




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